Chapulín, a place inspired by our own history. In our architecture we merged black mud of Oaxaca with golden details of the colonial period. We mix elements of popular culture such as contemporary furniture lines to what’s on trend, an inspiration that came up with the idea of the famous arquitect Barragan. We were also inspired by the charro shirts used at the time of the old Mexico with huipiles giving us a style of the artists Agustin Lara with Natalia Lafourcade. We also added Mexico’s classical drinks Mezcal and crafted beer. In the kitchen: we gave it a prehispanic concept with a contemporary interpretation. Giving Chapulín a mix of the Old Mexico meets the New Mexico.

We are a place where we honor diversity and cultural richness providing our home touch. We are a timeless place that as Mexico, always will bring out the best moments and places where we are.

We are a concept always open to surprise and share what Mexico has to offer.

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