"I Cook, because I have it in me, for fun, with inspiration and dedication"

Falling in love with life itself through the smells, tastes and colors of the kitchen is to live for others, eat a unique dish that has to be the selection of the best supplies to reach an experience on each visit.

Oaxaca is unique, magical and home of great chefs that despite of the little or not academic formation, they have given meaning to the gastronomy estate. Her grandmothers and mother with their unique seasoning, inherited to Chef Josefina Lopez Mendez, the passion to create, taste and enjoy advises her heroes, friends and accomplices give her at the time of preparing food.

actually in Pitiona (The last three are situated on the capital state).She keeps looking to give her own touch to the family recipes. She was graduated with a degree in Gastronomy of the Anahuac Oaxaca University in 2010 and since that moment she has not stopped learning in each of the places she has worked. Camino Real Zaashila Hotel in Huatulco, Carmelita Banquets, Oaxaca House

Josefina, "Meeting the Chef Pablo San Román (Denomination of Origin) has made me understand that the kitchen is discipline, of Mikel Alonso (Biko) I have learned that the kitchen is dedication, of Alejandro Ruiz (Casa Oaxaca) I admire his patience and the love that he feels for Oaxaca, his roots; of José Manuel Baños (Pitiona) I admire his eccentricity to take risks, of Antonio de Livier (La Panga del Impostor) I have learn that the kitchen is super funny and full of surprises, and of Carlos Omar Gálan (Guzina) his willpower to make the things happen". El Saber del Sabor, Madrid Fusión, Sabores Polanco, Food and Wine, Millesime among them The Knowledge of Taste in Oaxaca hosted by Alejandro Ruiz; Madrid Fusion 2012 with a talk in Guanajuato named "Magic, kitchen and cience", Food and Wine, Cancun 2013, among others like Millesime, as well as giving workshops in universities of Oaxaca.